Sweet dishes

A simple cake with fresh cheese

30 min


» 200 g biscuits
» 100 g MEGGLE butter (melted)
» 10 g of ground gelatine
» 250 g MEGGLE fresh cheese with cream
» 120 g of sugar
» ½ lemon juice
» 400 ml MEGGLE Creme Pattiserie (sweet cream)
» 20 g vanilla sugar


In a bowl, crumble the biscuits, add the melted butter, and mix the ingredients as well as possible. Transfer the resulting mixture to a cake tin with a diameter of approx. Ø 24 cm and press it evenly along the bottom of the mould, so that it covers the entire bottom, then place the mould in the refrigerator to allow the biscuits and butter to harden. Prepare the ground gelatine according to the instructions on the bag. In a larger bowl, beat the sweet cream with a hand mixer to a solid whipped cream, then add the fresh cheese with the cream, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon juice and mix the ingredients with a mixer. When we get a uniform cream, again using a mixer, we also mix in the melted gelatine. Distribute the resulting mixture of fresh cheese with cream evenly in the mould over the biscuits, smooth the upper surface and return the mould to the refrigerator for a few hours to set the mixture. Before serving, the finished cake can be sprinkled on top with crumbled biscuits, some other crumbly biscuits, and, if desired, fresh berries.