MEGGLE cheese and cheese spreads

Perhaps the thought of modern technology diminishes your romanticized ideas about the domestic source and quality of modern dairy products, but we made sure that MEGGLE cheese with our careful processing technology contains the unique taste and quality it had according to the recipes prepared by our grandmothers. With MEGGLE fresh cheese, we offer delicious snacks, as the perfect addition to a fresh slice of bread – irresistible MEGGLE cheese spreads! Among them, MEGGLE Vajkrem, the most sought-after product in the entire range of spreads, and Kajmak, a favourite traditional condiment which MEGGLE brings in an exceptional form, perfect fullness of taste and extremely rich texture, take its crowning place in our cheese portfolio.

Cottage cheese



Ostali sirevi


Sir u listićima


Anyone who wants an authentic gastronomic cheese experience can find what they need in MEGGLE's offer of fresh cheeses. In addition to MEGGLE fresh cheese and fresh cheese with cream, there is also Alpine white cheese. But it’s not all in the taste, there is also something in the nutrients that fresh cheeses provide us. Namely, they are a natural source of protein that contributes to maintaining bone health and growing muscle mass. We recommend fresh cheeses to everyone who strives for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
We should also point out our mozzarella cheese, which delighted the palates of both the professional audience and our consumers. In addition to the above, MEGGLE offers excellent cheeses in MEGGLE Toast cheese slices, MEGGLE Emmentaler slices, MEGGLE Cheddar cheese slices and MEGGLE Mozzarella in slices, followed by MEGGLE Grated Cheese which gives dishes an additional, final taste of fullness. And finally, we offer , as melted Bel Ami cheeses in Cream-Nature and MEGGLE Bel Ami Cream-Mix flavor options.