MEGGLE antipasti

Meggle Antipasti are a perfect combination of carefully selected luxurious vegetable flavours, complemented with the most delicious Meggle fresh cheese. These hand-filled delicious snacks will easily trick you leaving no room for the remaining courses. Tasty Meggle Antipasti are available in practical packages and you can choose between three seductive flavours: cherry peppers filled with cheese, olive filled with cheese and Antipasti Party mix. If you, like us, cannot get enough of gastronomic pleasures, enjoy peppers in cream available in mild version because our cheese completed with the tastes of nature can be only described as – a perfect pleasure in one bite. Enjoy your meal!

Antipasti appetizers

Appetizers are often the most interesting part of a meal. Serving appetizers goes back a long way, as evidenced by the information that during the ancient Roman banquets there were a number of cold appetizers with which the hosts wanted to whet the appetite of the guests. The importance and richness of the hosts was assessed by the number and quantity of exotic foods used in antipasti. Treat yourself and your guests and choose MEGGLE appetizers which are available in three variants: cherry pepper stuffed with cheese (210 g and 700 g), olive stuffed with cheese (210 g and 670 g) and Antipasti Party mix (400 g).

Peppers in sourcream

MEGGLE’s unique peppers in sour cream will surely delight you. For this delicious combination, we chose mild peppers and top-quality MEGGLE sour cream and combined them all into an extremely tasty snack according to our special recipe. Look for MEGGLE peppers in rich sour cream in a 230 g package.