Without milk, there is no MEGGLE.
It is to us what the letter “A” is in the alphabet.

A fine glass of milk in the morning is the first and most basic step to wish you a good morning, and an even more beautiful day, but also one that gently puts us to sleep before going to bed at night.

We carefully treat MEGGLE milk and preserve its important ingredients through controlled processing.

In order to preserve the nutritional value of milk even better, we have refreshed its packaging and thus responded to the needs of the modern consumer. Innovative and modern packaging of MEGGLE milk in SIG packaging allows us to preserve its highest quality, and gives consumers absolute peace of mind when the packaging is placed in the refrigerator – that the milk will not leak.

Iced coffee

MEGGLE Iced coffee is inspired by the eternal search for the ideal coffee moment that is so precious to us that we cannot imagine a day without it. Sometimes just the scent is enough to cheer us up completely and give us motivation and enthusiasm. And if it is still full and irresistible taste, the moment can only be perfect. From now on you can enjoy your favorite Iced coffee anywhere and anytime - while sitting in the park and reading a book, hiking or simply enjoying nature, as well as in the car while driving and listening to your favorite music… Indulge in the irresistible flavors of Caffe Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso Macchiato. The ideal moment is the one you choose! Your day, your rules!

Chocolade milk

Lacto free mlijeko

Svježe mlijeko

UHT milk

Due to heat treatment, our milk is exposed to extremely high temperatures.

It does not require storage at low temperatures, and the way it is processed and packaged preserves its valuable ingredients. In production, with the highest quality milk available, we use the most modern technology to guarantee product excellence.

MEGGLE UHT milk stands out on the market with its practical packaging with a screw cap, which additionally ensures the protection and longevity of the product itself. From now on there is no fear if you want to lay down your MEGGLE milk in the fridge to save space!

Whether you want UHT milk with less milk fat or lactose-free milk, you will find milk to your taste in our portfolio!