Svježe mlijeko

Fresh milk with 2,8% m.f.

Milk is an invaluable treasure of nature, especially if it comes from cows that graze freely in mountainous areas rich in medicinal and aromatic plants. The diet of these plants affects the composition and aroma of milk and dairy products. Meggle carefully takes care that milk is bought from those areas where plants such as sorrel, meadow bellflower, cumin, rabbit clover, meadow sage, thistle, melon, thyme, thyme, plantain, primrose scream, live grass and vertebrate sage live.

Pure Bosnian nature and the work of a local farmer are woven into every drop of Meggle of fresh milk.

Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy 240 kJ / 57 kcal
Fat 2,8 g
Saturated fat 1,8 g
Carbohydrates 4,6 g
Sugar 4,6 g
Protein 3,4 g
Salt 0,10 g
Ingredients: ESL milk with 2,8% milk fat
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